American Jihad examines the problem of home-grown terrorism

American Jihad
American Jihad examines how young Americans are being radicalized by Islamic extremists

American Jihad is a documentary film looking into the problem of home-grown extremists, who are being groomed to commit terrorist acts.

With the recent terror attack in London being carried out by a man born in Britain, this special from Showtime is timely and highlights what is a difficult problem for all liberal western democracies.

What makes young men and women give up on western values and pursue Jihad
What makes young men and women give up on western values and pursue jihad. Credit: Showtime

The show features interviews with former jihadis who were radicalized in the past and examines the reasons why they were susceptible to the message of Islamic extremist.

It also looks at the impact the radicailzation has on their families and the communities they live in. With relatives often being torn apart emotionally and communities being left under suspicious, the latter often making future radicalization all the easier.

Liev Schreiber narrates the film that seeks to understand the appeal of organizations like so-called Islamic State, Al Qaeda and al-Shabab.

Watch American Jihad at 9:00 PM on Showtime.

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