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American Horror Stories spoilers: Episode 6 goes on a ‘Feral’ camping trip

Episode 6 of FX's American Horror Stories is titled 'Feral'
Episode 6 of American Horror Stories is titled “Feral.” Pic credit: FX

While last week’s episode of American Horror Stories dealt with a fertility god in an opulent setting, this week’s episode looks set to get down and dirty in the great outdoors.

Each episode of American Horror Stories deals with common horror mythology and urban legends associated with all things spooky, so it comes as no surprise that this week’s installment takes viewers into the woods with a camping trip that is likely to get deadly if previous episodes are anything to go by.

Episode 6 of American Horror Stories is titled ‘Feral’

The title of Episode 6 of American Horror Stories is “Feral,” which gives very little away other than indicating that things might get a bit more outdoorsy this week.

However, the synopsis, which has been published on IMDb gives viewers a little more information.

“A family goes on a camping trip unaware of what is lurking in the woods.”

Now, for anyone who has ever watched a horror movie based on camping, we all know where this is likely to go.

The only question here is whether it will be a human or a monster that makes an appearance. Although considering the title of the episode, I am hedging my bets on it being a creature.

Ryan Murphy releases cast list trailer

American Horror Stories likes to remain secretive and tight-lipped when it comes to releasing trailers ahead of each episode airing and quite often leaves it until the very last minute. So, currently, there is no official trailer for Episode 6.

However, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has released a short clip that details the cast line-up and the characters that they will play.

This week’s line-up includes AHS regular Cody Fern as Stan Vogel. Aaron Tveit also joins him as Jay Gantz. Tiffany Dupont will portray Addy Gantz, and Colin Tandberg as Jacob Gantz.

Blake Shields will also play someone called Bob Birch. While there is no information on this character, it needs to be noted that the surname is also the same name as a tree.

This may not mean anything — except that Ryan Murphy also included a reference to trees in his caption for the clip.

“That rustling in the trees? Don’t worry, it’s just the cast of episode 6 of #AHStories,” he wrote.

In addition to that, he also included a stylized clip that really doesn’t give anything else away other than revealing the title. This means that viewers will likely have to tune into the episode tonight in order to find out more.

American Horror Stories airs every Thursday night on FX on Hulu.