American Horror Stories shares new trailer full of creepy dolls to haunt your dreams

A new promo image for Season 2 of FX's American Horror Story
A new promo image for Season 2 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

With less than a month to go until Season 2 of American Horror Stories drops, FX has been busy traumatizing people who have an intense fear of dolls.

First up, the network shared a trio of shots that was, basically, one image broken down in order to enact maximum fear. The close-up images of creepy doll faces were enough to make anyone unsettled.

Then, more recently, another image was shared on social media that showed a man holding a doll that appeared to be wearing a wedding dress, giving viewers further clues about what to expect in Season 2 of American Horror Stories.

Now, a new trailer has been released that will certainly freak out anyone with pediophobia.

New trailer for American Horror Stories released

The first trailer for Season 2 of American Horror Stories continues on with the doll theme, and viewers are given their first look inside a creepy dollhouse within the opening seconds.

A boy stands in the doorway before the scene changes and a blonde doll gives another doll an injection that brings it to life as well. The only problem here, though, is now the newly animated creature attacks the nurse.

In another room of the dollhouse is a bald doll with a mishappen eye putting on her makeup.

American Horror Stories promo photo.
One of the creepy dolls that have been revealed in the latest trailer for Season 2 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

The wedding doll story revealed

Next up, viewers get a closer look at that wedding-themed doll from the latest image released for Season 2 of American Horror Stories.

She is being attacked by what appears to be a toy zombie who has climbed up out of a well. The bride manages to push the zombie back down but winds up keeping its arm.

In another room, a variety of dolls are gathered, all as creepy as the next one as they parade around for the camera.

Then, the scene moves to the attic, and the little boy is seen once more. From the look of things, he might be the creator of all these dolls and the only one who can control them.

As he rides a bike towards one of them, they back away, as though fearful, before she falls out of the dollhouse in order to escape.

Once again, this new imagery gives viewers a feel for the new season of American Horror Story but doesn’t give away a load of context other than the incredibly creepy vibe.

This series usually features self-contained episodes, and according to IMDb, Episode 1 is titled Dollhouse, meaning all of the promos so far are most likely only for the first episode.

If viewers want further details, they will likely have to tune in when Season 2 premieres in order to find out more.

Season 2 of American Horror Stories will premiere on July 21 on Hulu.

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