American Horror Stories releases another terrifying new image for Season 2

Key artwork for Season 2 of FX's American Horror Stories
Key artwork for Season 2 of American Horror Stories. Pic credit: FX

Last week FX released a series of creepy doll images to promote Season 2 of their anthology series, American Horror Stories, which is set to drop on July 21.

The images, which were shared on FX’s social media accounts, showed various life-like dolls along with some pretty scary captions. This gave viewers the first hint at what to expect in Season 2 of AHS.

American Horror Stories is an anthology series just like the original show, American Horror Story. However, each episode (or small group of episodes) revolves around a new story, rather than having the same overall arc for the entire season as American Horror Story usually does.

Now, FX has dropped another new image that will — once again — terrify those afraid of dolls.

Creepy dolls are the ongoing theme for Season 2

The original group of images showed close-up shots of the dolls, many of them looking like women made up to be the inanimate objects. However, this time around, the new image shows a smaller version — but that doesn’t make her any less creepy.

Shared to FX’s official Instagram account for AHS and American Horror Stories, the image shows a man in the background, his hand firmly around the doll’s waist.

“Time to play,” the caption reads.

The doll is front and center of the image as she stares down the camera lens. Her arms are spread out and bent at odd angles and her knees are drawn together as they poke out from underneath a white dress that is split down the middle.

On her head appears to be a veil, indicating that this might be a representation of a bridal doll. However, with the way the light catches the scowl on her face, one can only imagine her wedding day was anything but perfect.

What other themes could Season 2 have?

As pointed out above, American Horror Stories covers a variety of themes each season so while FX is focusing pretty heavily on the doll one, it is likely there will be a bunch of other terrifying themes or tropes to entertain viewers.

On the TV show’s IMDb page, a list of episode titles has been revealed, giving fans a better idea of what to expect.

Episode one is titled Dollhouse, which makes perfect sense considering the latest promo images.

Following on from that, the next nine episodes, in order, are titled: Necro, Aura, Drive, Bloody Mary, Facelift, Milkmaids, Cellulite, and Lake.

As can be gleaned from these titles, there are some pretty standard horror tropes in there and it will be interesting to see how Season 2 of American Horror Stories deals with them.

Season 2 of American Horror Stories will premiere on July 21 on Hulu.

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