American Nightmare on Supernatural as deadly secret revealed

American Nightmare on Supernatural
American Nightmare for Dean and Sam on this episode of Supernatural

On this episode of Supernatural the boys’ latest investigation leads them to an off-the-grid family with a big secret.

Sam and Dean finds themselves impersonating priests once again as they look into a very devout religious family who have cut themselves off from society.

Sam and Dean join the religious family for supper
Not a weird dinner at all, bet Dean is dying for a burger!

Dean wonders if they are “creepy off-the-grid Children of Corn people” or they might just be good wholesome folks.

The brothers soon realise that the parents are hiding something that could be catastropihc for everyone involved.

Also on this episode, Dean is finding it hard to come to terms with Mary’s decision.

woman lies on her back with strange symbols on her forehead in Supernatural
Now this seems less wholesome…

Oh and heaven is on lockdown and Cas and Crowley are busy hunting rockstar Lucifer…

Catch Supernatural – American Nightmare at 9 PM on The CW.

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