Always a Witch cast: Who plays Carmen and Lucien in Netflix Siempre Bruja

Angely Gaviria Siempre Bruja
Angely Gaviria plays Carmen in Always a Witch. Pic credit: Netflix

Colombian Netflix series Always a Witch or Siempre Bruja is about a witch named Carmen who arrives from the 16th Century to 2019 and has to learn about navigating the new world, such as using social media and modern currency.

Carmen ends up in present-day Cartegena and is on a mission to save the man she loves but there are dark forces she must confront to complete her mission. 

But who plays Carmen or the villain Lucien in Always a Witch Season 1? We will introduce you to the exciting Colombian cast in Netflix’s new supernatural series.   

Angely Gaviria as Carmen 

Angely Gaviria is a Colombian actress and ballerina. Her acting debut was in a a Colombian futuristic TV series 2091, which concluded in 2017. The 22-year-old actress went to the University of Bogotá and studied ballet and acting. 

Who plays Lucien in Always a Witch? 

Lucien is mentioned in Always a Witch before he appears on the series. His identity is a spoiler so if you don’t want to find out you have been warned.

In Episode 4 of Siempre Bruja, the character Professor Esteban, played by Narcos actor Sebastian Eslava, is introduced as the replacement teacher for Ninibe, played by Veronica Orozco. Ninibe mysteriously goes missing and Estaban takes a keen interest in Carmen. 

Estaban is Lucien and he surprises Carmen with a shocking revelation after she confronts him about his secret identity. 

The Always a Witch cast also includes Sofia Bernal Araujo as Alicia, Valeria Emiliani as Mayte, Dylan Fuentes as Johnny Ki and Carlos Quintero as León. 

All 10 episodes of Always a Witch Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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