Alone Season 6 confirmed: What date will show return in 2019?

Sam Larson from Alone
Sam Larson from Alone Season 5, who ended up winning. The show is returning with the 6th season. Pic credit: History

History has announced that the hit show Alone will return for Season 6. The reality series challenges contestants to document themselves as they try to survive the wilderness for as long as possible with limited amounts of survival equipment. The prize is big – the last one standing wins a grand prize of $500,000.

The show will return with 10 episodes, each 60 minutes long. While History didn’t reveal when the show would return, Alone is expected to premiere in June. Over the past two seasons, the show has returned around mid-June and wrapped up in August of that same year.

The ten new survivalists are separated by miles when they are placed in the wilderness. Men and women fight it out in the brutally freezing conditions. This time, the location will be deep in the Canadian Arctic.

This is a brand new location, as the show had previously filmed on Vancouver Island, BC, in Northern Mongolia in Asia and in Patagonia, Argentina.

Unlike Vancouver Island, the new location is at the edge of the Arctic Circle, providing them with dangerously cold temperatures. Contestants are expected to build their own shelters, hunt for food, and overcome the wilderness, including animals.

Here, a thriving grizzly and black bear population, territorial moose, packs of wolves and the increased risk of freezing will all be challenges for the men and women of Season 6.

As a reminder, it was Sam Larson who won season 5, which was located in Northern Mongolia.

He didn’t tap out to be removed from the show, which is something contestants are allowed to do. They are also required to do medical check-ins and if they fail, they will be removed from the show.

Sam stayed for 60 days when his wife flew to the location to surprise him, and tell him that he had won the show. He survived for over two months in the freezing wilderness of Mongolia, and the first thing he asked for was food when he learned he had won. You can see the final clip above.

Sam had previously competed on the first season of the show, becoming the runner-up. The fifth season, called Redemption, brought back former contestants for a second chance.

Alone season 6 will most likely premiere in June 2019, as the previous season just ended in August of this year.

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