Alone recap: Limpet fatigue, Moss toilet paper and two happy reunions

Brooke awoke to a giant spider crawling on her

It looks like our first and earliest pick of who will take History’s Alone was a prescient one. We are #teamWhipple so far!

“Family” is mentioned in the opening theme card and sets the tone of this highly emotional episode as these families are connecting and now must work together to survive.

Last week we were left with the Bosdell brothers saying goodbye as the Wilkes brothers reunited.

Day 8 and four teams remain. Now the Whipple team makes the first move as a HUGE spider crawls on Brooke waking her up. Kudos to her for falling back asleep.

Exhibit “A” for #TeamWhipple

She awaits her husband Dave. “All I can do is wait and make this place better every second,” says our underachiever. #girlpower.

Fluffy and soft Cedar and hemlock branches elevate the bedding and finish the floor. She’s industrious and clever as can be.

About 1.7 miles away, Dave Whipple is burned out on hiking. He’s wet, cranky and cursing a soggy black t-shirt. He grouses: “Not only is it wet, which is horrible, it really smells!”

The dread black t-shirt, consistently wet and smelly

Now he has to traverse a rapid narrow river. He makes it and smells the sea air of the coast.

Team Baird is back again on day 8, as Jim Baird is nervous that he will not make it to Ted.

He’s starving. He forages some dandelion greens and salal berries. A grouse is spotted. “I’m gonna try and kill it,” Jim whispers. He does not and smashes his Go-Pro in the process.

About 2.5 miles away is his brother Ted. He tells us he needs to go number 2.

Well, what does one use to wipe oneself within remote Vancouver Island? “Moss, it’s all moist it’s got a spritz, like a grocery store… a dual action cleaner,” sells Ted on his nifty toilet paper choice.

When you have to make do, hope there is nice squishy soft moist moss

Back to work, Ted checks his gill net, and now he still has no fish despite his amazing success out of the gate. Lack of protein has him knackered like Jim too.

Limpet harvesting commences as he wishes Jim was there to help him find protein-rich food.

Team Brockdorff is next at bat. Sam is troubled, he lost his ax. “It’s gone!” he says. “I have no idea where it fell off or where it went.”

This is calamitous as the chopping ax is a vital tool for many applications. The forest is kicking his butt as he wishes he could find his dad. Sam’s ready to give up.

Day 8 is tough! Night comes as Pete Brockdorff is calling for Sam.

Remember that Pete is 61, and his age is a consideration as the physical challenges mount. He has only eaten sea asparagus and now out of desperation will eat raw limpets. “I’m definitely coming to grips with my limitations.”

Over to Team Baird as Jim is wiped out. The Baird brothers are big boys and the lack of protein is affecting their progress. He sets up camp right next to a big fresh pile of mountain lion scat and a trail. He’s going to chance it and camps for the night.

Guess what? The lion is observing him dry his butt by a roaring fire in the dark. he charges it like a psycho. #problemsolved… for now.

Ted now wishes he could find more limpets to eat and for bait.

He finds a plastic water bottle that he will repurpose as a fishing tool.

Ted now is building a boat as he describes his cover as “dead.”

Back to Brooke. She has scavenged plastic water bottles, netting and floats and is hoping Dave shows up. She works on the giant pile of netting when she hears Dave call out in the distance!

Brooke lucks out and finds netting washed up, the beach provides again!

Hooray for Day 9, as Dave and Brooke are reunited! Real tears of joy including my own.

A truly emotional reunion, these two are so happy to see each other!

Brooke gives Dave the nickel tour and he is delighted at the level of comfort she has built. The wet stinky black t-shirt can come off. “I’m home,” he says as he surveys the well-appointed natural abode.

Back over to Team Brockdorff. Sam is nearer to the ocean, and he hears his dad return his call. Papa Pete and son Sam reunite. More tears!

More tears as father and son are reunited, Day 9 rocked on Alone!

Cut to the end credits and we see the next episode teased as the big hungry Baird brothers are still seeking each other, while Brooke is heard yelling out for Dave to save her. Gnarly! See you next week.

Alone airs Thursday nights 10/9c on History.

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