Alone at Sea on tonight’s Steven Universe

Steven Universe
Greg does his best in Steven Universe episode Alone at Sea

Tonight’s Steven Universe episode is called Alone at Sea and features Lapis and Steven preparing to board a ship and head back to sea.

In a preview clip Lapis meets Greg, and Steven tells her they’ve bought a ship — but Greg corrects him saying they’ve only rented one as buying a ship would be going overboard…

Lapis is less than impressed but Steven tells her that water is a part of who she is.

“I promise we’ll make this the most fun you’ve ever had,” he tells her.

They even name the ship S.S. Misery, I mean LI’L LAPPY.

Let’s hope it turns out as well as Steven thinks it will.

Tune in to Steven Universe tonight at 7pm on Cartoon Network.

Steven Universe – Alone at Sea Sneak Peek

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