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Alisen Down on Gracepoint, a Look Inside

Gracepoint, Fox and Global TV Thursday, 9 PM ET/PT.


 The Leo and Gemini award winning actress best known as Battlestar Galactica’s Jean Barolay brings a world of experience to her performance. We spoke with Down.

                                                         aaaaaccc                                                 Broadchurch

Alison, did you watch Broadchurch when it first aired in Canada? What did you think?

I actually had never heard of it before my audition but when I did finally watch it I was completely blown away by how well executed the story was. It is a brilliant piece of television.

aaaccc                                                  Gracepoint

What did you think when it was announced they’d make an American version, with David Tennant, and shoot in B.C.?

I thought it was a great idea! David Tennant is an amazing actor and so to feature him in both Broadchurch and Gracepoint was a stroke of genius in my opinion. And BC is my home province so I am always thrilled to return.

KathyEaton       Alisen Down as Newspaper Editor Kathy Eaton

You play an news editor, a memorable, strong character. How did you make it yours, fresh, without reference to the original English one?

It was not hard to make the character mine because of how different the original character in Broadchurch and mine on Gracepoint are. We differ not only in age but in style and essence. I think both takes on the characters are true and I am pleased with both of us!

I’ve been a reporter most of my life and the media’s aggression and unwillingness to let an opportunity pass unused is symbolic of what terrifies people about media. Please comment.

That’s Renee, the reporter from San Francisco more so than Kathy. Kathy is yes aggressive and yes opportunistic but she is the very emblem of what I think restores people’s faith back to the media.


Do you notice the media more since you got the role?

Yes – more so since I started doing interviews for Gracepoint. I am noticing I have to be careful of what I say because I am either misquoted or so directly quoted (even little words like “um” or “like”) that I don’t like the way I sound!

Kathy’s like Gracepoint’s Greek chorus. She distills what’s happening in honest, declarative statements. That takes a lot of courage. Do you relate to that part of her?

I admire Kathy for her honesty and integrity and I strive to live my life like she does. I do respect her a great deal.

Is David Tennant as intense as he appears in the series or does he like to laugh between takes?

He’s hilarious and completely different than his Gracepoint character. He’s very friendly, very approachable and very down to earth.


Gracepoint has an amazingly diverse and international cast, and here you are representing us! Yay!

Yes! I love to represent Canada wherever I go, I am a proud Canadian.

Alisen Compressed

In the past actors couldn’t wait to leave for the U.S. but you’ve worked consistently here. That’s heart-warming.

I think it’s important to go where the work is but keep a very firm hold of your roots. I love Canada and I have been very lucky to live and work here. If one day that changes I will continue to make Canada my home.

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