Alexis and Alan on DWTS: Are they dating? What about Alexis’ boyfriend?

Alexa and Alan
Alexis and Alan were asked whether they had something going on during Monday’s episode of DWTS. Pic credit: ABC

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten continue to impress with their dances on Dancing With The Stars, scoring 29 points for their dance inspired by Pocahontas. However, during the video package prior to their dance, viewers noticed that they were flirting, smiling at one another and possibly developing feelings for one another.

During an interview with a producer, Alexis was asked whether something was going on with Alan and she didn’t deny it. She simply smiled and tried to hide her face, as she was blushing. She then – with a laugh and a smile – said she couldn’t answer the question.

So – is something going on?

Well, Ren is posting photos of herself with Alan on social media to promote their dances on Dancing With The Stars. In addition, she recently posted a photo of herself with a caption, asking fans if they could remember who they were before people telling them who to be.

When we first covered Alexis Ren for Dancing With The Stars, we reported that she seemed to be in a relationship with a man named Sky Bear. He was often making references to her on social media, calling her his love and beauty.

But even his Instagram appears to have changed, as his changed his personal bio to include the statement, “Dropping off Instagram for a bit.” His last post was also six days ago. Perhaps they have broken up.

As for Alan, he’s posting several pictures with Alexis Ren. They definitely seem like they would be a great couple.

While we don’t have a definite answer as to whether they are dating, we are going to guess that something is going on behind the scenes. However, we are definitely watching them more closely now after she seemed to leak the answer during tonight’s episode.

They wouldn’t be the first couple to meet on Dancing With The Stars and fall in love. When Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank appeared on the show, he fell in love with his dance partner, Kym. The two later got married and she gave birth to the couple’s twins in April.

You can relive Alexis and Alan’s Pocahontas Foxtrot below.

Dancing With The Stars airs on Mondays at 8/7 on ABC.

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