Ahmir Steward: Who is Jazz Jennings’ boyfriend on I Am Jazz?

Ahmir Steward poses for a selfie on Instagram
Jazz Jennings has a new boyfriend and his name is Ahmir Steward. Pic credit: @ahmirsteward/Instagram

It’s been a huge year for Jazz Jennings and now it’s getting even bigger with the introduction of her new boyfriend on I Am Jazz. His name is Ahmir Steward, and so far it looks like his relationship with Jazz has been going pretty well.

On the last episode of I Am Jazz, viewers saw Jazz tell her parents about her new boyfriend. They were skeptical, as parents often are, but her mom pointed out a few reasons why they were being so cautious about their daughter’s love life.

She cited Jazz’s recent surgery and her being transgender as reasons for the family to be more careful about any boyfriend that she may bring home. Not to mention that Ahmir Steward was a complete stranger to the family at the time and Jazz warned them that they’d be spending a lot of time together, hanging out at the house.

As her father grilled her, we learned that Ahmir was 18 years old at the time of filming and his social media states that he’s 19 years old now. Jazz also shared that Ahmir is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he did graduate high school but that he was not going to college, at least at that time.

Jazz did tell her parents that she is trying to persuade Ahmir to go to college and his Instagram account lists him as a student. Not only that, but during a recent Instagram Live, Ahmir told those following him that he had to “get to class” so it looks like she was successful in convincing her new man to continue his education.

While her parents were very concerned about Jazz Jennings’ new boyfriend, she was able to convince them to allow him a visit but they laid down some strict ground rules first. Despite both Jazz and Ahmir being legal adults, she does still live with her parents and they don’t want the new couple spending any time behind locked doors.

As far as how Ahmir Steward is fitting in with Jazz’s friends, so far he looks pretty comfortable. While he’s not defined his own sexuality or given himself a label, Ahmir has made it clear that he fully supports the LGBTQ community and even asked those who don’t agree on that to simply unfollow him on Instagram.


Is this love for Jazz Jennings? The way things are going right now with her new boyfriend Ahmir Steward, it’s certainly looking like it.

I Am Jazz airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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