Aguadrone Fish Finder from Millionaire Inventor: Where can I buy one?

The Aguadrone can be pre-ordered online and is available with a few different options

The Aguadrone is a unique drone with a built in sonar pod that transmits data wirelessly back to your mobile device.

Featured on CNBC”s Make me a Millionaire Inventor, this waterproof drone features a built in fish finder that will send you back images, water temperature data and depth data.

The device can read down to 190 feet below the surface and will send the information back to a smart phone or tablet up to 350 feet from the drone.

The Aguadrone also comes with a free Sonar App, which interprets the data from the pod.

Interestingly the company are also offering other modular pods you can swap out on the drone.

The Fish Pod allows you release a payload of up to 2 pound remotely using your mobile device. Allowing you to releae bait, a lure or even for skip bait fishing via their tension release arm.

Finally there is a film pod allowing you film both above and below the water, capturing video up to 16 Mega pixels via an HD wide-angle lens.

The Aguadrone is available to pre-order now on the official site.

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