Access Hollywood’s Natalie Morales slams ‘vile’ James Toback over response to sexual harassment claims

Natalie Morales
Natalie Morales lays into James Toback on Access Hollywood last night

Access Hollywood host Natalie Morales laid into director James Toback on television last night, slamming him for his response to allegations of sexual misconduct by what is said to be around 300 women.

Morales issued a direct message to Toback, calling him “vile”. She said: “To suggest that nearly 300 women, including some big name stars like Julianne Moore and Rachel McAdams, are lying or just piling on…none of these women, and I can assure you, not one wants to admit to the humiliation and the degradation they say you subjected them to on that day you first approached them with your ‘I’m a famous director line’ and promise of a movie role.”

Last month Toback called the claims against him “disgusting” and “just too stupid”, and used derogatory words to describe those making the allegations.

Morales last night also recalled her own alleged meeting with the director from the past. She previously said on the show: “I was about 25, 26 at the time and I encountered James Toback … I was thinking he’s legitimate.

“Then he starts, well let’s just say it this way, he makes it very clear with the conversation as I’m walking and he’s walking along that he wants to get to a secluded area of the park, which I did not go there, and he also proceeded to say that if you want to be in the movies you gotta be willing to show yourself.”

She added: “Fortunately for me, it was just an encounter, where it was pretty clear what James Toback wanted.”

Morales told Toback on last night’s episode: “You know what you did, you know your playbook, and now the whole world knows, too. Hopefully, you pay the price now and are subjected to your own humiliation and worse.”

Access Hollywood airs weekdays. Check your local listings for exact times.

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