Absentia Season 2: What we know so far

Absentia Season 2 has wrapped filming and the release date is coming. Pic credit: AXN/Sony

Absentia Season 2 is set to arrive on Amazon Prime later this year, with a release date of Friday, June 14. 

The show is one of those ones that you may have missed if you blinked. The first season was distributed by Sony Pictures Television, but Amazon stepped in and announced they were bringing the show back for Absentia Season 2.

This all happened back in September 2018, and there has been only sporadic news about Absentia Season 2 since then. Small clues are starting to surface, so we can start drawing some conclusions about this upcoming season.

News that the second season was coming this year was first teased on Absentia’s official Twitter account, which tweeted that it would be arriving on Amazon’s streaming service in 2019. 

As for when, the Twitter account was less helpful at the time, telling curious fans to reach out to Amazon for more information about when Absentia Season 2 would be happening.

Absentia Season 2 filming has wrapped

We do know filming has wrapped for Absentia Season 2. It finished in December 2018, just before the official holiday season began. That would mean that the footage is likely currently in editing or in the final stages.

There are reports, including Variety, stating that new cast members, including Matthew Le Nevez and Natasha Little, are joining the show. Stana Katic, Cara Theobold, Neil Jackson, Paul Freeman, Patrick McAuley, and Angel Bonanni are returning as part of the primary cast.

Season 2 plot details leaked

It also appears that we do have some details as to what will come during Absentia Season 2 after the Canadian partner, Showcase, decided to leak some plot information about the second season.

Reportedly, the shocking conclusion from season one causes Emily (Stana Katic) to investigate her own past, which uncovers an active serial killer.

It’s uncertain at this point why Showcase decided to add this information to their site when Amazon has said nothing about the plot. If this is indeed what we can expect, then it will be an amazing second season.

UPDATE: Katic also recently teased a few details about what’s to come, saying Absentia Season 2 delves a lot more into “other characters’ personal arcs” — and explore her character Emily’s relationship with her son, Flynn, more. 

As for the fans of the show, they are thrilled to learn that Absentia Season 2 is coming in 2019.


Absentia Season 2 is slated to be released on Amazon’s streaming service in 2019, but the details have not been released as of this writing.

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