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Exclusive clip: Abe shuts Rebecca’s dreams down on Return to Amish Season 4 premiere

Rebecca has a heart-to-heart with Abe, but he wants her to be a stay at home mom on Return to Amish

Tonight on the Season 4 premiere of Return to Amish, Abe’s wife Rebecca wants to achieve something meaningful in her life and get her GED.

But in our exclusive clip, you see Rebecca is nervous to speak to her own husband Abe about her hopes for a brighter future.

To many of us that might seem a depressing situation,  but she has left a cloistered community where women have to ask permission for everything outside of 1950’s traditional role playing.

Rebecca is pessimistic about her dreams of becoming a dentist and says: “I don’t know how he’s going to react to it.”

In a flashback, Rebecca recalls that magic moment when the light bulb when off for her. She had received new teeth in a fitting and was so moved by the experience that she decided then and there that she wanted to work in the dental field.

Rebecca had an epiphany when she got her teeth, she wants to become a dentist

Her intentions are for their children to also look up to her just as much as they do to Abe.

Frustrated at Abe’s lack of enthusiasm, Rebecca says: “Abe just don’t like the whole idea of me working. That’s never been unclear.”

Abe shuts her down fast and hard, he says: “It’s the woman’s place to take care of the kids and the guy’s job to provide the income.”

Return to Amish (fourth season) airs Sundays at 8/7C on TLC.

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