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A falcon thrills and balloon game gets naughty as Ladies of London holiday in Scotland

Caroline Stanbury on Ladies of London
Caroline Stanbury reacts as a falcon perches on her arm on Ladies of London

On this week’s episode of Ladies of London, the women continue their Scottish vacation as a falcon provides some thrills and a balloon game turns a bit naughty.

Caroline Stanbury’s bonding trip to Scotland for the ladies continues as they get to meet a peregrine falcon in the grounds of a large castle near the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

Caroline thought a bit of falconry would be fun and mischievously that it might scare some of the ladies.

Some whisky, champagne and a a few scary birds make for some funny moments
Some whisky, champagne and a a few scary birds make for some funny moments

Sure enough, as the bird of prey swoops over their heads several rather tipsy ladies fall over. Though when it comes to having the bird perched on their hands, it is Caroline who looks rather worried!

That is not the only thrill this week though, as a balloon game starts off innocently and then gets a little bit risqué…

Also on this episode, Juliet gets pulled up for always being negative and Marissa has some health problems.

Watch Ladies of London – The Ladies in the High Castle at 10pm on Bravo.

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