$50,000 Amazing Fantasy #15, Spider-Man’s debut comic, features on American Pickers

The cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, which features on this week's American Pickers
Amazing Fantasy #15, featuring Spider-Man’s debut, a copy of which features on American Pickers

This week’s American Pickers on History Channel features an incredible copy of the first ever Spider-Man comic — worth $50,000.

The legendary Marvel character made his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15, the final edition of the Amazing Fantasy anthology series, which was published in August 1962.

The cover features the words ‘Introducing Spider Man’ and shows Spider-Man swinging from a building saying: “Though the world may mock Peter Parker, the timid teenager…it will soon marvel at the awesome might of Spider-Man!”

American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have had an Amazing Fantasy #15 on the show before, agreeing to pay $4,500 for a copy in November 2012, but the one on tonight’s show is in pristine condition.

Also featured is a rare Superman comic, as the legendary picking pair head to Northern Alabama to check out movie memorabilia collector Steven’s incredible horde.

He also shows them a never-before-seen photo album from the family of President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

Photo of John Wilkes Booth
Booth, who assassinated President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC, in April 1865

Meanwhile, in Porstmouth, New Hampshire, Danielle and Robbie have a great time picking at collector Roger’s jam-packed warehouse.

Initially, Roger is not to keen to part with his collection but it doesn’t take long before a spate of deals take place.

American Pickers airs Mondays at 9/8c on History.

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