24 Legacy recap: Betrayals and shootouts are order of day in Episode 3

Carter (Corey Hawkins) and his accomplice attempt to escape the police station
Carter (Corey Hawkins) and his accomplice attempt to escape the police station

Continuing from where the last episode left off, Eric is cornered with two hostages at the police station — but with some help from one of his hostages he manages to stage a break out.

Back at CTU Rebecca Ingram and her accomplice have been cleared and are brought back into the fold as Keith Mullins takes over running the operation.

Rebecca asks to be the one to tell her husband Senator Donavon about Nilaa (Sheila Vand). Mullins reluctantly agrees.

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Back at the school things go completely pear-shaped for Amira Dubayev (Katherine Prescott) and teacher David Harris (Kevin Christy).

It appears that the student that Harris thought he’d killed in a panic is in fact alive and has made a run for it.

This forces them both out into the open as Amira rides in the ambulance with the student in an attempt at damage limitation. We’re still not sure how this connects to the bigger picture as yet.

Eric who is now back on the street is working with Mullins and CTU’s tactical specialist to track down Grimes and make the exchange, but it seems that the terrorist have been able to track Grimes via the mobile phone that he stole. Which makes it a race against time in order to get the USB Drive.

Back at Donavan’s campaign headquarters Ingram has told her husband about Nilaa and sets about interrogating her.

Nilaa swears blind that she is not the guilty party and gives Ingram her regular daily running route so CTU can confirm that she had no access to her computer at that time. The result of the check does nothing to help Nilaa’s cause.

We soon learn that Nilaa has been set up as the patsy by Donavon’s father (Gerald McRainy) who is also responsible for revealing the identities of Eric’s team to the terrorist.

Meanwhile Carter’s wife Nicole has uncovered a plot against Eric’s brother Isaac, which could wind up getting her killed.

Mullins monitors the exchange between Carter and Grimes as things go pear shaped

As the episode draws to a close we get a tense few minutes as Eric and Grimes reconnect and begin to make the exchange, but as they do the terrorist turns up on the scene and a gun fight breaks out.

Grimes gets shot and the terrorist manage to make off with the USB Drive as Eric gives chase.

We’re left with a few more questions, which will make for fun viewing in the weeks to come.

  • What do the terrorists have on Donavon’s father, which is so bad that they are able to blackmail him?
  • How do Amira Dubayev and her teacher fit in with the main plot?
  • Is Carter’s wife going to get herself killed by the end of this series?

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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