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12 Monkeys final episodes feature a chase through time and a shock revelation

Jennifer Goines hatches a plan in the final episodes of 12 Monkeys Season 3

Tonight’s final three episodes of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys will provide us with a few shock reveals.

But first, let’s recap the story so far.

12 Monkeys: The temporal recap

As previewed in the previous episode’s tease, Cole, Cassandra, Deacon and Jennifer travel back to 1989.

The mission is to steal a painting before that time’s version of Olivia can steal it.

James Cole channels the 80s look as he prepares to steal a painting

The painting contains a document written by The Witness — who we now know to be Cole and Cassandra’s son.

The contents of the documents get a little damaged when Jennifer deliberately covers up the part which reveals Cole and Cassandra’s secret.

From what Jones is able to figure out, the document reveals The Witness to be in 1953 — in a mining town in America.

Cassandra and Cole are sent back there. The mission is to kill The Witness, but both Cassandra and Cole hope to save him.

They get help from one of their Federal contacts in the time so they can ingratiate themselves into the cult.

The preacher, who is looking for desperate people, reluctantly welcomes Cassandra and Cole into his flock.

During the mass, Cassandra and Cole get a first look at their young son, but can’t get to him because several of his guardians splinter in from Titan.

When The Witness chooses the chosen one from the gathered crowd, he and the Guardians splinter her back to Titan, then the preacher throws poison gas into the crowd and leaves.

Cole and Cassandra splinter back to 2346. The team once again goes back to 1953 but again fail to catch The Witness, but they do manage to take out three of his four Guardians.

Cassandra’s mother reveals some insights about The Witness — it’s not all bad news

Cassandra travels back to 1990 in order to meet her mother for some advice. We learn that her mother was a renowned psychologist and Cassandra asks her to do a psychological profile of The Witness based on his writings.

Meanwhile Jones is getting suspicious of Cassandra and Cole’s behaviour and travels through time to witness Cole killing Ramse.

She ultimately learns that Cole and Cassandra are the parents of The Witness.

Cole and Jennifer make another attempt to catch up with the Witness in 1953

Cassandra returns to 2346 only to be confronted by Jones, but she steals the splinter vest and escapes through time where she intercepts Cole and they both come close to recovering The Witness.

Jennifer Goines is with them and she and the Witness have a moment. The Witness tells Jennifer that she has an important role to play, then he splinters out with his one remaining Guardian.

Preview of tonight’s 12 Monkeys episodes 

Tonight’s final three 12 Monkeys episodes will conclude with a shocking revelation, which involves the identity of Cole’s mother.

We also learn what it is that drove The Witness to become the grim-reaper of time that we have come to know.

We’ll also see Olivia finally put her plans into action.

These last three episodes also feature a fantastic guest appearances from Battlestar Galactica star James Callis as the adult version of The Witness.

The final three episodes of 12 Monkeys will premiere on Syfy at 8/7 central tonight. 

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