NCIS: Mark Harmon’s wife returns for new episode

The NCIS cast features Mark Harmon’s wife returning to the show for an all-new episode. Though she isn’t featured in the trailer for the NCIS episode called Great Wide Open, Mark Harmon’s wife definitely shows up on the cast list released by CBS. The surprise appearance could be viewed as foreshadowing for some NCIS fans,


NCIS cast for Rule 91: Season finale features Pam Dawber, Katrina Law

The NCIS cast for the episode called Rule 91 includes Pam Dawber and Katrina Law again. This is NCIS Season 18, Episode 16 and it marks the end of a tumultuous season for everyone involved. That includes not just the cast, but also the crew and the viewers. NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight debuted


Who plays Marcie Warren on NCIS cast? Pam Dawber joins the show

The NCIS cast will feature Marcie Warren for the first time on Tuesday night. Marcie is a new character to the show and has a four-episode story arc that plays out in Season 18. The first NCIS episode for Marcie is called Gut Punch and she is going to have an early scene with Agent


NCIS sneak peek reveals scene between Mark Harmon, wife Pam Dawber

A new NCIS sneak peek for the episode on Tuesday night showcases Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber sharing their first scene together. This is very noteworthy because Harmon and Dawber are husband and wife in real life. On the show, Gibbs just got suspended on the last episode of NCIS. Gibbs assaulted a man that


NCIS casting news: Mark Harmon’s wife joins the show

The NCIS cast is going to be joined by Pam Dawber during Season 18. Dawber is the wife of series star Mark Harmon, and this will be the first time that she has appeared on the program. This NCIS casting news follows an interesting episode of the show that led to the suspension of NCIS