Are You The One? season finale: Tori rips apart Giovanni in rap battle

Tonight on the two-hour Are You The One? Season 4 finale, Tori totally rips apart Giovanni in a rap battle and there’s fights and tears galore. Watch a preview clip below as Giovanni is all braggadocio, saying: “I hope Tori’s going to go hard because I’m not going easy on her.” But Gio says: “I’m not

Kingin’ With Tyga: Rapper’s manager is a total baby over new helicopter

On tonight’s Kingin’ With Tyga, the rapper’s manager Anthony ‘Ant’ Martini is pretty much as un-enthused as you could possibly be about the idea of flying in Tyga’s new helicopter. Tyga purchases that chopper so that he can get around easily, and obviously insists that because Ant’s his manager he needs to fly around with

Are You The One? Morgan tells Tori she’s FAT

On tonight’s Are You The One? on MTV, Morgan does the one thing every man should know not to do — and tells Tori she’s “put on weight”. The episode will see the guys’ ex girlfriends revealing exactly what it was like to have a relationship with them, and Morgan comes out looking pretty good

Joking Off Season 3 premiere: Desiigner automatically gets SUBTITLES

MTV’s Joking Off hits our screens again tonight with the premiere of Season 3 — and sees Desiigner automatically get subtitles because nobody can understand him. The hip-hop artist appears as a guest judge on the first episode of the series and after a subdued entrance (joking! it’s probably one of the most energy-filled entrances

Kingin’ with Tyga Season 2 premiere: And he’s swimming with SHARKS

Kingin’ with Tyga is back tonight on MTV with Season 2 — and this episode he’s swimming with SHARKS. A preview clip shows Tyga and the guys head to Manly Sealife Sanctuary in Australia’s capital Sydney where they get into a tank with some seriously fearsome looking beasts. Australia is filled with amazing attractions and activities