Amber preps for Leah’s first day at school and Simon is ‘fired’ in Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG
Farrah is trying to get her store ready but Simon is not helping very much in Teen Mom OG

On this episode of Teen Mom OG Amber gets ready for Leah’s starting school, Ryan and Bentley go away for a weekend and Catelynn tries to deal with her mental health issues.

Amber and Garry are busy getting ready for Leah’s first day a school, a nervous and exciting moment for any child – never mind those still almost children themselves.

Simon also makes an appearance at the big opening of Farrah’s new store, but his efforts are not exactly up to Farrah’s standards. She tells him to get the refridgerator filled up but he is too busy eating. She then says if he was an employee then she’d fire him. The Apprentice awaits!

Catelynn is dealing with her depression and anxiety but misses a doctors appointment, much to Tyler’s annoyance.

Also on this episode Ryan and Bentley are off for a weekend.

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