Kingin’ with Tyga Season 2 premiere: And he’s swimming with SHARKS

Tyga and a shark on Kingin' with Tyga
The rapper and one of the sharks he dives with on tonight’s Kingin’ With Tyga

Kingin’ with Tyga is back tonight on MTV with Season 2 — and this episode he’s swimming with SHARKS.

A preview clip shows Tyga and the guys head to Manly Sealife Sanctuary in Australia’s capital Sydney where they get into a tank with some seriously fearsome looking beasts.

Australia is filled with amazing attractions and activities for tourists, from surfing to visiting the Great Barrier Reef and cuddling up to koalas. But Tyga said: “Ever since we got to Australia, all I ever wanted to do was swim with sharks.”

However, his boisterousness quickly turns to trepidation. After seeing the three-meter long sharks he’ll be scuba diving with, he sheepishly adds: “Now that we’re here, reality sets in, and I’m getting a little nervous.”

Instructor Andy is asked by the guys where the cage is that they’ll be diving in, but he breaks the bad news: “There is no cage.”

Also on tonight’s episode of Kingin’ With Tyga, Trell goes on the hunt for an adequate security system to install at Tyga’s new crib to keep out intruders.

How about a black panther anyone?

Prepare for all manner of craziness and hilarity later in Season 2 as the guys go through everything from playing polo on camels to just generally “kingin’ it” with all manner of fast cars and flying machines.

Check out the trailer below and prepare to laugh hard.

Kingin’ with Tyga premieres tonight at 11/10c on MTV.

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