Are You The One? Morgan tells Tori she’s FAT

Tori on MTV's Are You The One?
Tori reacts to Morgan telling her she’s “put on weight” on MTV’s Are You The One?

On tonight’s Are You The One? on MTV, Morgan does the one thing every man should know not to do — and tells Tori she’s “put on weight”.

The episode will see the guys’ ex girlfriends revealing exactly what it was like to have a relationship with them, and Morgan comes out looking pretty good after his describes him as the “smartest person” she’s ever met.

Tori takes that as a green light to take it to “the next place” with the muscle-clad hunk, and a preview sees them cuddling up together in bed.

Morgan and his ex on Are You The One?
Morgan and his ex girlfriend, who has lots of good things to say about him on tonight’s episode

Tori asks him: “If we were alone on an island, would you repopulate the world with me?” Morgan jokes: “I don’t know how I’d feel about all that incest.”

But then he proceeds to tell her just how attractive he finds her, even her “giant” belly button. Tori admits she does have a large navel, and jokes about how she had to grow into it.

Morgan then drops the mother of all clangers, saying: “So that’s why you put on weight?”

Watch Tori’s priceless response in the preview clip below.

Are You The One? sneak peak

Also tonight, Gio and Stephen finally get to learn the truth about Julia — and as well as Morgan’s ex we get to see other girls who previously dated the guys.

The challenge sees them having them both being asked questions about their previous relationships, and seeing if they can come up with the same answers.

Watch a preview int the clip below.

Are You The One? sneak peak 2

Are You The One? airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. 

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