Kingin’ With Tyga: Rapper’s manager is a total baby over new helicopter

Manager Ant prays for a safe flight on tonight's Kingin' With Tyga
Manager Ant prays for a safe flight on tonight’s Kingin’ With Tyga

On tonight’s Kingin’ With Tyga, the rapper’s manager Anthony ‘Ant’ Martini is pretty much as un-enthused as you could possibly be about the idea of flying in Tyga’s new helicopter.

Tyga purchases that chopper so that he can get around easily, and obviously insists that because Ant’s his manager he needs to fly around with him too.

But it quickly emerges that Ant is well, how can we put it…chicken.

The pilot says he gets the feeling that Ant is “timid” (understatement of the year) about flying in the helicopter, and adds: “The best thing to do is to hop in and we can get you through that fear.”

Tyga then quickly pipes up from the cockpit, saying: “Well, I’m ready to go. You’re my manager dude, you have to be everywhere with me. That’s a part of being a manager.”

But Ant points out that’s why he tried to persuade Tyga not to get the chopper in the first place — so he wouldn’t have to fly in it.

Tyga then jokes to the pilot: “Put the baby in the back,” asking Ant: “You need a car seat?”

They finally convince Ant to head out for a flight, but things don’t go well — especially when the pilot reveals Tyga asked him to carry out some “maneuvering” once they were up there.

Watch as Ant puts his head in his hands and groans: “I’m gonna puke.”

Kingin’ With Tyga Season 2 airs Thursdays at 11/10c on MTV

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