Are You The One? season finale: Tori rips apart Giovanni in rap battle

Are You The One rap battle
Giovanni is stunned when Tori totally destroys him in the Are You The One? rap battle

Tonight on the two-hour Are You The One? Season 4 finale, Tori totally rips apart Giovanni in a rap battle and there’s fights and tears galore.

Watch a preview clip below as Giovanni is all braggadocio, saying: “I hope Tori’s going to go hard because I’m not going easy on her.”

But Gio says: “I’m not scared of you Gio. You wanted a rap battle? You’re about to get one.”

The rap battle kicks off as the guys and the girls surround the pair on either side, with Giovanni going first.

He starts well, rapping: “I’ve been battling since I was 16, I could body you and your whole team. I go hard, maybe too hard. Let’s win this money so that she could get a boob job.”

The guys are pretty confident, howling like wolves after Gio finishes up. But they weren’t prepared for what came next.

After a huddle with the ladies, Tori launches into an epic rap — with the girls backing up her punchlines with a chorus.

And the guys are left stunned with the way Tori finishes off. Watch the clip below to see how she does it in total style.

Also tonight in the season finale of Are You The One?, a massive fight ends with some tears, historic conflicts come back to the fore, and Asaf has to decide what’s more important: being part of the team or following your heart.

Will everybody find a match and walk away with $750,000?

Tonight’s two-hour season finale of Are You The One? kicks off at 10/9c on MTV. 

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