Virgin River star Martin Henderson knows who shot Jack…

Since the end of Season 2 of Virgin River, we have been burning to know who shot Jack Sheridan, and while the character doesn’t yet remember, Martin Henderson, the actor who plays him, has revealed that he knows the answer…but is remaining mum. His former U.S. Marine buddy Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) was arrested as the culprit


Virgin River Season 3 release date revealed by Netflix

Virgin River fans are over the moon at the news that Season 3 of Virgin River will premiere this summer on Friday, July 9, and answer many looming questions that piqued our interest at the end of last season. According to a Netflix announcement, the 10-episode Virgin River Season 3 has “even more drama in


Virgin River Season 3: Is there going to be one?

Virgin River just dropped its second season on Friday but fans are already wondering about Virgin River Season 3. Beware! Spoilers are spilled right away for the Netflix series causing lots of buzz on the small screen. So, if you have not watched Virgin River Season 2, stop reading this post now. Virgin River Season


Virgin River: Why is Jack mad at Hope?

Virgin River returned to Netflix for a second season on November 27. When the first season wrapped up a year ago, viewers were left hanging about the future relationship between Virgin River’s bar owner Jack (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge). Not only did Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) turn up pregnant, but Mel did not learn


Virgin River Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Virgin River Season 2 is coming to Netflix after the first season ended with a major cliffhanger. Netflix officially announced the renewal of the romantic drama series for a 10-episode second season only two weeks after Season 1 dropped on the streaming platform in December. Although Netflix confirmed that Virgin River Season 2 would premiere