Virgin River Season 3: Is there going to be one?

Mel and Jack on Virgin River
Mel and Jack finally profess their love on Virgin River. Pic credit: Netflix

Virgin River just dropped its second season on Friday but fans are already wondering about Virgin River Season 3.

Beware! Spoilers are spilled right away for the Netflix series causing lots of buzz on the small screen. So, if you have not watched Virgin River Season 2, stop reading this post now.

Virgin River Season 2 cliffhangers

Virgin River left a lot of questions unanswered as Season 2 came to a close, indicating that Season 3 is coming at some point.

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However, Netflix has not officially given the series a green light to continue this story.

As Virgin River stood at the end of Season 2, Doc’s illness was just about to be disclosed when he and Hope were surprised by a party given to cheer on their upcoming renewal vows.

Also, Jack let Charmaine know that he will always provide for the twins but that he will never fall in love with her. This caused the mother-to-be to plan to find a husband and another father for her children.

And, Brady let Mel know that he did not kill anyone, including Spencer who got away with his wife and child.

Still, Brady was going to be arrested for taking part in kingpin Calvin’s narcotics ring.

Besides, Preacher decided he will leave Jack’s Bar to go to San Francisco to be a chef there but he still needed to tell Jack.

And although Wes is dead, his twin brother isn’t. So, just before Season 2 ended after the identical sibling found her cell phone number, Paige/Michelle sent her son to live with Preacher but she was nowhere around when this happened.

A huge Virgin River cliffhanger

And then there’s the biggest cliffhanger of them all.

After Mel and Jack made love, he went to his bar to make them some steaks. When she followed with a bottle of wine, Mel noticed some chairs had been turned upside down on the floor, and ultimately, she peeked behind the bar.

Jack was flat on his back, looking like a dead man. But, when she touched him, he opened his eyes. Then she noticed blood seeping through his shirt, which led to her discovery that he had been shot through the stomach.

Will Jack live or will he die? Virgin River viewers are left wondering until the series returns for Season 3.

Has shooting for Virgin River Season 3 already started?

Virgin River is typically filmed in Vancouver and other British Columbia outposts.

Virgin River reportedly began shooting in Canada on August 25, 2020, according to Production Weekly.

That said, production delays temporarily shut down a number of TV and film projects in October due to the pandemic.

But was Virgin River one of those shows? Not necessarily.

In October before Season 2 was released, Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson posted an Instagram video together.

The video seemed to show them in character and on set while obviously feigning that producers didn’t want them to say what was actually releasing next.

Was this an indication that Virgin River Season 3 is already underway? Given the production schedule, the answer would be yes.

Still, the next season of Virgin River could be a long time coming.

After all, Season 1 came out on December 6, 2019, and Season 2 was released on November 27, 2020. That meant there was a year of waiting in between the two seasons.

What does Virgin River have in store for Season 3?

So when will another season of Virgin River happen again?

There’s no official word on that, as we stated.

However, Virgin River is based on 20 novels of the same name included in a popular Robyn Carr book series. That means there’s much more fodder than fans have already seen on the small screen so far.

All we can say now is… stay tuned!

Virgin River Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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