American Idol quitter Kenedi Anderson reveals future plans

If anyone is wondering what Kenedi Anderson did after she quit American Idol before fan voting began, she went back to school. One thing a lot of people might forget when watching the reality show is that many of these contestants are high school students – teenagers who are still enrolled in high school. While


American Idol judges talk Kenedi Anderson leaving the series

Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol after reaching the Top 24 round. While she performed and would have moved on in the competition, she chose to leave the show after that performance and the fans didn’t get a chance to vote on her. The only hints about why she left were in a song clip Kenedi


Kenedi Anderson and 9 other American Idol contestants who left the show early

In a shocking move, American Idol frontrunner Kenedi Anderson quit the show after making it to the top 24 round. American Idol played out her final performance before announcing that she had quit the show and would not continue. This shocked fans of American Idol, although many speculated on why she had left the show.


American Idol’s Platinum Tickets could backfire on the show this season

Dancing with the Stars introduced something new in its 20th season with the Platinum Tickets. This allowed three singers, one from each audition town, to skip the Genre Round in Hollywood Week and scout their competition. They then got to choose their duet partner for the next round, and most people expected these three singers


Fans think they know the real reason Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol

In one of the most shocking moments of American Idol’s 20th season, one of the favorites to win the season quit after the top 24. Kenedi Anderson received one of the three Platinum Tickets this season on American Idol, which means she was allowed to skip the first Hollywood round and then choose her own


American Idol frontrunner Kenedi Anderson drops out of competition

Kenedi Anderson came out on American Idol’s Top 24 and delivered an amazing performance. However, unlike the other competitors, she didn’t get a number to vote on her. After the song, without allowing the judges to talk to her about her performance. the episode cut away to Ryan Seacrest saying that since this episode, Kenedi


American Idol: Who has won the Platinum Tickets so far?

American Idol is getting closer to Hollywood Week, but there is still one Platinum Ticket to give out. As a reminder, this season, everyone gets gold tickets when they move on to Hollywood. However, one singer from each city will get to trade in their golden ticket for a special Platinum Ticket. This ticket will


American Idol’s Katy Perry felt threatened by Kenedi Anderson’s powerful voice

On American Idol’s second night of auditions, a TikTok star named Kenedi Anderson showed up and performed. Not only did Kenedi impress all the judges, but she earned the second platinum ticket of the competition. She also received high praise from Katy Perry, who said she felt threatened by the 17-year-old’s powerful voice. Kenedi Anderson