Kit Harington hints at what a Jon Snow spinoff would look like

Late last week, HBO shared an unexpected clip of Jon Snow on their YouTube channel that excited Game of Thrones fans. Rumors immediately started flying that the network was about to share some news in terms of the potential spinoff that has been teased in the past regarding this character. As of yet, there has


Rumors are mounting about a Jon Snow Spinoff announcement coming soon

Ever since news broke about a potential Jon Snow spinoff, fans have been eager to learn more. Originally, it was believed that Kit Harington, who portrayed the character in Game of Thrones, had taken the concept to HBO and was actively pursuing it. Then, author George R. R. Martin confirmed that Harington has been trying


Jon Snow spinoff: John Bradley speaks up about potentially starring in new show

Since news broke about a potential new Game of Thrones spinoff series focusing on Jon Snow, fans have been eager to learn more. Author George R. R. Martin has already confirmed that Kit Harington and his team are negotiating with HBO regarding the Jon Snow spinoff, tentatively titled Snow. However, the author also quickly pointed


Game of Thrones: George R. R. Martin confirms new Jon Snow spinoff series

Last week, news unexpectedly dropped regarding a new Game of Thrones spinoff series. Now, the author of the book series has confirmed there is definitely a new Jon Snow series in development. Many fans were over the moon at the thought of HBO delving back into the original series and expanding on Jon Snow’s (Kit


Where was Jon Snow going at the end of GoT? Does he become a wildling?

The finale of Game of Thrones wrapped up a lot of loose ends hanging over the series. Some of these threads were satisfying and for a lot of fans, many had viewers left wanting. None were as divisive as the last moments given to Jon Snow. The reason for this is that the showrunners left a


Did Jon Snow die on Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones?

With two battles in five episodes, there is a lot to take in with Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow does not appear in the preview for Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6, which led many fans to think he died in the Battle of King’s Landing. However, Jon Snow is not

Kit Harrington causes Twitter meltdown by shaving off beard

Kit Harington has sent his fans into meltdown by shaving off his iconic beard. The Game of Thrones star revealed the clean-shaven new look while taking selfies with fans in London. Fans let it be known on Twitter that they weren’t all keen on the less rugged look, compared to the stubble they’ve become familiar