YouTuber James Charles denies allegation that he groomed an underage fan

YouTube beautician and makeup artist James Charles has denied an allegation that he groomed a 16-year-old fan. Charles claims he asked the alleged victim for his age and that the person claimed he was 18. Charles’ comments were in response to a video that went viral on social media platforms, including Twitter. The video featured


Did James Charles go bald? Some fans claim new look is fake

YouTuber and make-up artist James Charles took to social media to unveil an apparent brave new hairstyle — and it didn’t take long for the beauty guru’s striking new selfies to go viral. He started by posting a teaser on both Twitter and Instagram in a selfie captioned “Wait until you guys see what I did


Charli D’Amelio’s chef video: Why is she losing followers?

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio lost nearly one million followers in one day following a fierce backlash over her behavior in a YouTube video in which she appears with her sister Dixie. On Monday, The D’Amelio Family YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring Charli, 16, sister Dixie, 19, and their parents. The video is part of


Why I Did It: Tati Westbrook explains why she put James Charles on blast

Tati Westbrook is back… sort of. The popular beauty guru posted a new video to YouTube titled Why I Did It where she explains the reasoning behind why she ended her friendship with James Charles and decided to tell the world about it. In the somber 18-minute video, Tati began by telling her fans that