Why I Did It: Tati Westbrook explains why she put James Charles on blast

Tati Westbrook in Why I Did It video on YouTube
Tati Westbrook shared a new video on YouTube explaining why she decided to tell everyone why she walked away from James Charles. Pic credit: GlamLifeGuru/YouTube

Tati Westbrook is back… sort of. The popular beauty guru posted a new video to YouTube titled Why I Did It where she explains the reasoning behind why she ended her friendship with James Charles and decided to tell the world about it.

In the somber 18-minute video, Tati began by telling her fans that she’s only back briefly to explain herself.

After all, the latest YouTuber drama blew up beyond what anyone could have anticipated and due to the fallout, James lost more than 3 million subscribers as celebrities and beauty fans alike turned their collective backs on him.

Tati made it very clear in her video that she wants the hate to stop.

She explained that she doesn’t hate James Charles. In fact, she loves him but said that she tried repeatedly to warn him about his behavior and was very alarmed because his viewership is made up of so many children.

In tears, she said, “I don’t need ‘Team Tati'” but that she does not agree with his behavior and despite multiple attempts to speak to him both in person and on the phone, she was laughed at.

There just was no getting through to him.

“I just want you guys to know that there is no celebration in what’s happening,” Tati said. “And if I could give all of the new success back and the new subscribers back, I would. That’s not why I did this.”

Tati warned her subscribers that she probably wouldn’t be sharing new content in the near future while she heals and goes through this storm. She did say she might put out some pre-filmed content but is not sure.

In what seems to be a very heartfelt video, she reminded viewers that she was offered many opportunities to do interviews and to share even more tea about James Charles but that’s not what she was trying to do.

She actually said that she doesn’t think his career is over. She doesn’t think James Charles is canceled and she really hopes that he is able to overcome this latest YouTuber drama and that he grows from it.

Tati also said that what has gone down over the past several days was much bigger than vitamins. 

At the time of publishing, Tati Westbrook’s Why I Did It video has been viewed nearly half a million times over the course of just a few hours, proving that the James Charles drama has not died down at all.

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