Dance Moms diva Abby Lee Miller may have offered a new season clue in James Charles’ DMs

Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms diva, may have offered a clue to new season on social media.
Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms diva, may have offered a clue to new season on social media. Pic credit: © Max Worldwide

Abby Lee Miller returned last season on Dance Moms to the delight of her fans and now, they want to know when the famous dance coach will be returning to Lifetime for more.

Lifetime struck gold when it experimented with putting dramatic moms obsessed with dance, their prancing daughters, and an unknown (at the time) dance instructor together for an unscripted show.

The first season of Dance Moms soared in the ratings, with mom and daughter teams such as Holly Frazier (the most together mom ever to set foot on the Dance Moms stage) and dancer turned singer Nia Sioux (the youngster who went from timid to divine before our eyes) becoming stars.

But through it all (well, almost all, as a result of a prison sentence), Abby Lee Miller reigned supreme as the dance teacher who knew how to terrorize those moms and bring out the best (along with tears that Abby wanted them to “save for your pillows”) in the kids.

Now, with uncertainty about a new season ahead for the ALDC team, Abby may have just gotten unexpected help from YouTube celebrity James Charles.

Does Abby Lee Miller drop a clue about the new season of Dance Moms in DM?

Last season on Dance Moms, viewers were delighted to see Abby Lee Miller return despite health problems.  The famed dance teacher made it clear,  however, that a wheelchair and health issues weren’t going to change her determination to win at all costs.

With new cast members (both moms and students) on board, Miller taught them to value the joys of winning. And in Abby Lee language, winning means first or nothing.

So will Dance Moms continue next season in the same way? Bring in an unexpected revelation from YouTube celebrity James Charles as reported by Seventeen.

It all began when Charles, who is both a makeup artist and model famed for becoming Cover Girl’s first male ambassador, shared a mirror selfie on his Instagram Stories. In an unexpected twist that showed Miller knows who’s who in the Internet world, Abby Lee challenged James.

James Charles to star in Dance Moms celebrity edition with Abby Lee Miller?

Miller saw the picture…and she immediately noted what needed correcting.

Never one to keep corrections to herself, Abby Lee sent Charles a response, “Turn those feet out!!!”

The polite YouTube celebrity responded, “Yes ma’am” to the Dance Moms diva.

But as he confessed on Twitter, where he shared the exchange, he felt “scared.”

However, we’re not scared, we’re hopeful.

Are James and Abby Lee hinting that a celebrity edition of Dance Moms could air on Lifetime TV?

In addition to James Charles, a celebrity edition of Dance Moms could draw on talent from all areas of reality TV and the Internet. Imagine one of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan, for example (looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian), learning correct posture from Miller.

Other possible Dance Moms celebrity edition stars could include Honey Boo Boo (we can just imagine Abby Lee’s response to Honey Boo Boo’s own special language), Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes (who is facing rumors that she might leave the franchise, making her available for Dance Moms), and Brad Pitt (now that would be something special to add to his Tinder profile!).

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