File History’s Project Blue Book under must-watch

Between mystery men in trenchcoats and fedoras, strange lights moving in the skies, and cigarette-smoke snaking across the screen, you’d think The X-Files were being revived, but HISTORY’s Project Blue Book is sleeker, sexier and crafted better for modern day television. At the center is the story of a family man, looking for recognition, looking


Vikings Recap: Ragnar swears revenge as he meets All His Angels

The demise of Ragnar at the hands of a King whom he thought very little of was wrought with emotion in what was a gut-wrenching farewell. Ivar’s emotional goodbye where Ragnar tells him he is destined to be ruthless and avenge his death. Ecbert’s cowardly abdication of his role in Ragnar’s death, becoming an anonymous spectator. Aelle’s

Hunting Hitler: Did Führer and Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after WWII?

Did Adolf Hitler and his private secretary Martin Bormann flee Berlin together after the end of World War 2? New links on History Channel’s Hunting Hitler tonight point to evidence that Bormann resurfaced in Argentina after the fighting ended. It has always been thought that Bormann, like Hitler, committed suicide in Berlin to avoid being

Watch: Vikings behind the scenes of Season 4 and catch-up with Rollo

With the second half of Vikings Season 4 due to start on November 30, this clip looks at some of the work behind the scene that brings the show to life. As each season has passed the scale of Vikings has become grander, with bigger battles and more spectacular sets. From the sight of the viking fleet rowing up

Ice Road Truckers: Watch as rivals team up to face treacherous crossing

On Ice Road Truckers this week, rival firms team up to form a convoy over an extremely treacherous crossing — but they aren’t prepared for what’s coming next. It’s not long before the ice melts and the road they need to use has been closed by the authorities. But now they’ve agreed to open it just


World Detour: Jack plans perfect birthday trip for Ozzy Osbourne

Tonight on Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, Jack has some special birthday surprises for Ozzy — who hates surprises! The father and son team head underground, make some chocolate, visit a prison and check out some weird medical objects. They take in the many weird exhibits at The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, which has some very strange medical oddities.

Ancient Aliens recap: 21st century being built on extraterrestrial technology

The most recent episode of Ancient Aliens looks at the Roswell UFO incident and suggests that it was not the first or last of these UFO crashes. Titled Beyond Roswell, the episode also asks whether this technology was deliberately given to us in order to furnish humanity with a path to the stars. The Roswell UFO incident in 1947 saw the

Ancient Aliens: Roswell incident the tip of a conspiracy iceberg?

Tonight on Ancient Aliens the show looks at whether the infamous Roswell incident is just the tip of a conspiracy iceberg. Back in 1947 the local Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in New Mexico issued a press release saying they had recovered parts of a flying disc, which had crashed in a nearby ranch. The local


Alone on History: Contestant has breakdown in season finale

It’s been an epic ride as History Channel’s survival reality show Alone reaches its two-hour season finale tonight. And judging by the preview clip below it looks like it’s really taken its toll on the final three contenders. After Nicole’s exit in the last episode following an impressive 57 days by herself on Vancouver Island,