Project Blue Book Season 2 premiere: The Roswell Incident Part 1 recap

Season 2 of Project Blue Book kicked off with the ever-popular Roswell case, as Captain Quinn (Mike Malarkey) and Dr. Hynek (Aidan Gillen) were called in by General Harding (Neal McDonough) to assist him in New Mexico. Harding was getting anonymous phone calls by people claiming to have evidence of a government cover-up and threats


History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: A monumental Viking funeral is prepared as fans say goodbye to fan-favorite character

Last week’s episode of Vikings saw the devastating loss of the famous shieldmaiden, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). If you thought that was heart-wrenching enough and that it couldn’t get any worse, guess again. This week’s episode of Vikings is far, far worse as the funeral for Lagertha commences. And, seriously, even with History Channel posting clips


Exclusive Interview: Katheryn Winnick reflects on playing the iconic Lagertha

The following is an interview and recap of last night’s episode of HISTORY’s Vikings, “Death and the Serpent.” **Beware of major spoilers for the episode if you’re not caught up.** After escaping death on many fronts, including taking the best that Ivar and King Harald could throw at her, the future that the Seer (John


Kings of Pain goes to the nonfiction TV extreme: Pythons and tarantulas attack hosts on new HISTORY series

Nonfiction television is about to get bloody and painful. Kings of Pain, the new nonfiction series from HISTORY, throws caution to the wind.  It’s a live-by-the-sword, die-by-the-sword, guaranteed someone’s gonna get effed up, run of compelling footage. HISTORY already flirts with some significant nonfiction programming that ostensibly could go south at any minute — specifically