Alone on History: Contestant has breakdown in season finale

Jose and his canoe on Alone
Jose and his canoe in the preview clip from tonight’s epic Alone Season 2 finale

It’s been an epic ride as History Channel’s survival reality show Alone reaches its two-hour season finale tonight.

And judging by the preview clip below it looks like it’s really taken its toll on the final three contenders.

After Nicole’s exit in the last episode following an impressive 57 days by herself on Vancouver Island, there’s no more women left in the competition as Jose Martinez Amoedo, David McIntyre and Larry Roberts battle it out for the series’ $500,000 prize.

But who will make it through without losing their sanity?

In the preview clip for the double-episode special, one of the contestants suffers a breakdown as he wails into a bucket: “Please God, help me. Please help me.” Another clip shows Jose capsizing in his canoe.

Watch the clip and tonight’s two episodes to find out who loses their head — and see who’ll make it through to the other side.

Here’s a quick run-down of the final three contestants…

Jose Martinez Amoedo — originally from Spain, he now lives in a native village in Canada’s Yukon Territory. A former member of the Special Forces and the notoriously tough Spanish Foreign Legion.

David McIntyre – is, of all things, a writer of post-apocalyptic novels. He lives in Michigan and has been a fan of living the wild life and outdoor skills since he was a teenager. He went on to found a wilderness survival school in Brazil.

Larry Roberts — spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid, but really upped the ante with intense studying and practice of survival skills as an adult once his kids left home.

But who will prevail? Watch the 2-hour season finale tonight at 9/8c on History.

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