Watch: Vikings behind the scenes of Season 4 and catch-up with Rollo

Viking ships sail to war
Viking ships sails to war and to meet their destiny in the History show

With the second half of Vikings Season 4 due to start on November 30, this clip looks at some of the work behind the scene that brings the show to life.

As each season has passed the scale of Vikings has become grander, with bigger battles and more spectacular sets. From the sight of the viking fleet rowing up the Seine to the epic ship-to-ship battle for Paris, there has been plenty of spectacle.

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Ragnar’s son Bjorn, says of the battle for Paris that “it was one of the most epic battle scenes I’ve ever been involved with”.

Special FX and good old water used to recreate viking ship seen
Digital FX are combined with real sets to create some of the most dramatic scenes in Vikings

Linus Roache who plays King Ecbert says: “You have this extraordinary creative team, you know, the costumes, the makeup, the set design…it all just makes it very believable.”

We’d certainly agree and one of the features of the show that draws you in is that very gritty feel.

Also check out this great catch-up with Rollo and hear what actor Clive Standen has to say about the man in the shadow of his brother, who finally seems to have stepped out.

Vikings is back on November 30 at 9/8c on History.

What are you looking forward to most in the second half of Season 4?

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