Da Brat welcomes baby boy True Legend with wife Jesseca ‘Judy’ Dupart

Congratulations are due to Shawntae ‘Da Brat’ Harris and her wife, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart, who welcomed their son together this week. The couple, who have been documenting Da Brat’s pregnancy this season on Brat Loves Judy, are over the moon to be parents to their first child together and Da Brat’s first child. They already


Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Things get icy during a visit with the doula

Now that Brat is pregnant, she and Judy are getting the whole experience as they learn how to cope with pain and prepare for childbirth. So this week on Brat Loves Judy, they’re headed to see the doula for tips and insight as Brat learns how to take some of the edge off when labor


Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Brat gets frustrated during Kaleidoscope shoot

The entertainment industry has changed a lot since Brat got her start, and in this latest Brat Loves Judy clip, it’s clear that she’s feeling the pressure. She’s on set to shoot social media content for Kaleidoscope since she’s collaborating with Judy’s brand. The thing is, Brat isn’t used to having to do her own