Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Things get icy during a visit with the doula

Da Brat on Brat Love Judy
Brat isn’t feeling it when the doula wants her to hang on to the ice. Pic credit: WEtv

Now that Brat is pregnant, she and Judy are getting the whole experience as they learn how to cope with pain and prepare for childbirth.

So this week on Brat Loves Judy, they’re headed to see the doula for tips and insight as Brat learns how to take some of the edge off when labor pain starts to hit.

In this exclusive Brat Loves Judy sneak peek, we get an inside look into that meeting, and it’s pretty insightful.

The doula chose to make a point about pain using ice cubes. She had Brat and Judy take a handful of ice and hold onto it until it literally hurt to hold on.

The pain of cold ice in your hand is nothing compared to being in labor, but her point was good. And despite Brat really not wanting to keep holding onto the ice, it was a great way to learn some valuable breathing techniques that will help with pain control — both for the ice and for active labor.

That doesn’t mean Brat liked it, though, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone watching this show that she said something about that.

Watch the clip below and see Brat and Judy get icy ahead of the new episode.

Brat Loves Judy airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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