American Horror Story 1984 cast: Who’s in it?

Ryan Murphy announced yesterday that American Horror Story Season 9 will be coming out in Fall 2019 and will be called 1984. Little else was shared except for a brief trailer of someone running in the woods, chased by a knife-wielding masked man. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy)

American Horror Story Season 9: Evan Peters to take a break but does that include AHS?

Evan Peters rose to fame on American Horror Story, playing scary roles alongside Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. Last year, Peters revealed that he didn’t particularly enjoy those dark roles, and has since explored other acting opportunities, including American Animals and movies in the X-Men franchise, where he plays Quicksilver. Peters talked to GQ in

American Horror Story Season 9: Who is Gus Kenworthy?

Gus Kenworthy has been announced to star on Season 9 of American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy revealed the news on his Instagram, sharing that Gus will play the boyfriend of American Horror Story alum, Emma Roberts. Little else was revealed about the upcoming season, which is expected to start airing on FX in September or

American Horror Story update: The Coven will return but not next season

For many hardcore American Horror Story fans, it was a thrill to revisit some previous seasons in Apocalypse, including a visit with the witches from The Coven, a trip to The Murder House, and a brief stay at the mysterious Hotel Cortez. And now, fans are curious whether the witches will come back next season. Ryan

American Horror Story season 9 and 10: What you need to know

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has come to an end and fans are eagerly waiting to see what season nine will be. Apocalypse brought together many stories within the American Horror Story universe, including Coven, Murder House, and even Hotel. Now, fans are wondering if the ninth or tenth season will combine more of the previous

Cody Fern on American Horror Story: Who will he play?

Cody Fern is the latest actor to join this season of American Horror Story Apocalypse. The new season will begin in mid-September and fans are super excited about this upcoming season because it merges previous seasons. This year, fans can expect to revisit the horror house from season 1 and the coven from season 3.

American Horror Story: Cult uses American presidential election to ignite series

Tonight begins American Horror Story: Cult, and it promises to be a deeply disturbing run. In the opening credits, we see a montage of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spliced in gruesome caricatures — a sanguine jolt of flavor for the season to come. The cult of personality and the exploitation of fear

Five other shows like True Detective which fans will love

True Detective shaped up to be one of the most well-regarded and most-watched shows of the past few years. One of the most intriguing features of True Detective is its short length: at only eight episodes per season, it often seems more like an extended movie than a true television series. Yet the growing trend for