American Horror Story 1984 cast: Who’s in it?

American Horror Story 1984 was announced yesterday. Pic credit: FX

Ryan Murphy announced yesterday that American Horror Story Season 9 will be coming out in Fall 2019 and will be called 1984. Little else was shared except for a brief trailer of someone running in the woods, chased by a knife-wielding masked man.

However, the trailer didn’t reveal anything about the cast, although some actors were previously confirmed.

Gus Kenworthy has been cast in one of the leading roles. He will play the love interest of American Horror Story alum, Emma Roberts. Roberts previously played a part of the Coven, but Murphy revealed that the Coven won’t be back for Season 9.

We know Evan Peters won’t be back for American Horror Story: 1984. He previously revealed he needed some time off and he would be sitting this season out. He’s been on every single season of the show, so we could expect him to return down the line.

PopBuzz predicts Sarah Paulson and Billy Eichner will probably return to the show as well. Paulson has filmed 85 episodes of the show, appearing in every season since the first. Given her track record, it’s a fair guess she will be returning. During some of the seasons, she even played more than one character.

Eichner has filmed 12 episodes of the show, joining American Horror Story in 2017 for Cult. He also appeared in 2018 for Apocolypse.

The cast members are usually confirmed slowly over time, so we can expect more stars to be confirmed throughout the summer as the premiere approaches.

American Horror Story 1984 is set to premiere this fall on FX.

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