Cody Fern on American Horror Story: Who will he play?

American Horror Story Apocalypse
American Horror Story Apocalypse will include Cody Fern, but how does it fit in? Pic credit: FX

Cody Fern is the latest actor to join this season of American Horror Story Apocalypse. The new season will begin in mid-September and fans are super excited about this upcoming season because it merges previous seasons.

This year, fans can expect to revisit the horror house from season 1 and the coven from season 3. But how does Cody fit into this collaboration season, where storylines are revisited?

Cody Fern will play Michael Langdon on American Horror Story. The name should sound familiar.

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Jessica Lange played Constance Langdon in the murder house season. She was the neighbor of the family and she was the mother of Evan Peters’ school shooter ghost named Tate.

He got Connie Britton pregnant with the antichrist. The baby was born as the first season wrapped and his name is Michael Langdon. Enter Cody Fern.

Cody shared a photo of himself next to the toddler version of his character on Instagram. When viewers last saw Langdon, he was three years old and had just murdered his nanny. Surely, he has quite the story up his sleeve.

This season of American Horror Story will merge with Coven, but it’s uncertain how these two stories will work together. Since the characters are often reoccurring, it’s also uncertain how they are going to combine two of these major stories in one season.

If you are unfamiliar with Cody Fern, he may become a household name after this season of American Horror Story. His IMDB page reveals he’s from Western Australia and if you feel you recognize him, it could be because you watch House of Cards or American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Season 8 of American Horror Story premieres on Wednesday, September 12 on FX. 

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