Watch Animal Collective’s delightfully trippy video for ‘Golden Gal’

Animal Collective’s video for ‘Golden Gal’ is pretty spaced out and acidic

What happens when Yoshi and Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog take mushrooms in Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom? Apparently, the answer is a new video from Animal Collective. Featuring bouncing houses, bad weather and a brightly colored girl swinging double-dutch jump rope, Golden Gal is just as trippy as you’d expect.


Laid back and layered, “Golden Gal” fits nicely with the buoyant “FloriDada,” promising an album of bouncy, sunshine-y melodies and upbeat grooves. Classic AnCo melodies dance over a laid back groove, sprinkled with off-the-wall sounds and samples, but unlike the dark and overstuffed Centipede Hz, “Golden Gal” has plenty of space, putting the focus on the song’s tight harmonies and structure.

As fans of the band would expect, the lyrics are rapid fire and both hilarious and touching, while the percussive bloops and weirdness is present without being overbearing. While Centipede Hz was determined to cram as many sounds into one song as possible, Painting With features 12 songs that seem content to jaunt about in their own warmth, leaving plenty of room to breath and bob your head.

Out Feb. 19, the album precedes a nearly sold-out world tour that takes the band through the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Dates are below, though you should grab tickets ASAP as they won’t be available for long.

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