Spice Girls reunion: Mel C wants more gigs with group in future

Spice Girls 2007
The Spice Girls shown during a 2007 reunion. Pic credit:

Spice Girls reunion talk came up from Mel C as she participated in a podcast on Monday and made quite a few notable posts on her Twitter account.

The singer had a lot to say as she re-listened to songs from the girl group’s second studio release for the Track By Track podcast, which sees artists invited to share their memories about old projects on air.

The album that was discussed the most was Spiceworld, which came out in 1997. Some of the most popular songs on the album were Too Much, Spice Up Your Life, Stop, and Viva Forever.

Spiceworld was a smash-hit and kept the Spice Girls at the top of the music world. Unfortunately, it came out only a short time before Geri Halliwell decided to leave the group.

Mel C speaks about a possible Spice Girls reunion

While listening to Spiceworld live on Twitter, Mel C posted about how it was making her “feel very nostalgic” about the time she spent with all of the girls.

She shared that sentiment on an old photo showing them hugging on stage, adding, “Fingers crossed we can do that at some point in the near future.”

In another post, Mel C shared some of her thoughts on the song Viva Forever, which she said: “Was released when Geri left the band back in 1998, so always makes me think of that.”

Melanie C loves Too Much

Speaking about some of the other songs on Spiceworld, Mel C weighed on what she called one of her favorites, as well as the song that has always been the most difficult for her to perform.

When posting about the one with the toughest lyrics, Mel C posted, “#DoIt is probably the Spice Girls song with most difficult lyrics to remember! I think we went wrong most nights in the tour last year, but it’s a great lyric!”

And in regard to her favorite track on the album, Mel C wrote, “#TooMuch is one of my absolute favourite Spice Girls songs. It was a real magical moment in the tour last year.”

The comments on her posts showed just how nostalgic fans still are for the band. Judging by what Mel C said, we may see are more Spice Girls reunion shows planned in the near future.

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