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Music Review: Slash and The Conspirators ‘World On Fire’

The cover for Slash and The Conspirators' ‘World On Fire’
The cover for Slash and The Conspirators’ ‘World On Fire’

You know what. Normally I hate Mondays. They represent the start of another week of work and drudgery and when I was a kid it meant school. Eeew.

This past Monday was a little different though. The path has been clawed out in rock and roll granite and the gods of Hard Rock smiled on us with a third Solo CD from Slash and his unofficial band The Conspirator’s featuring the fantastic vocals of Myles Kennedy.

‘World On Fire’ is every bit the hard Rock Collection than ‘Apocalyptic Love’ was back in 2012, but unlike that collection of music there isn’t really a stand out song on ‘World On Fire’ because they are all so damn good.

I read some where that a lot of time was spent working out the sequencing with ‘World On Fire’ and it shows. Not once did I get bored. The tunes roll by at a nice pace starting with the fairly fast title track ‘World On Fire’ and taking the pace down a little for the second song ‘Shadow Life,’ which features one of my favourite guitar solos in this collection.

I particularly enjoyed some of the work that Todd Kearns was doing on Bass for some of the songs. He punctuates the beat just enough to drive the songs, but never seems to become to invasive.

The guitar driven Safari Inn is every bit as fun as previous guitar driven instrumentals from Slash’s previous two solo albums.

As far as rock anthems go. You have a lot to choose from on this latest offering from Slash and The Conspirators, but I think ’30 Years To Life’ and ‘Beneath The Savage Sun’ our likely to be the two stands outs that folk will be talking about.

Myles Kennedy’s vocals are as fantastic as ever and Slash’s guitar licks continue to astound and I’ve been listening to his licks since the days of GNR. He just gets better.

You can tell just by listening that Slash is still enjoying his collaboration with this band and hopefully. If Myles Kennedy can continue to fit it in with his other job as lead singer of Alter Bridge we’ll get another collection of songs.

‘World On Fire’ is available to by now on iTunes and from all music stores.

Presently Slash and the band are touring the US and will be invading Europe sometime in November.

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