Hayley Williams addresses fans’ concerns of Paramore possibly ending

singer hayley williams of paramore
Hayley Williams in the music video for Dead Horse. Pic credit: Hayley Williams/YouTube

Singer Hayley Williams recently released new solo music but is assuring fans and members of her group Paramore that it doesn’t mean an end is coming for their band.

Williams’ assurances come as she just put out a solo album last week which may have led some listeners to believe she and the group might be closer to ending their time creating new music.

Hayley Williams needed to do something on her own

On May 20, Hayley Williams put out her solo debut album called Petals For Armor. The album has received mostly positive reviews with an 84 score at Metacritic. Rolling Stone awarded it four of five stars in their album review.

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Fans seem to be mostly enjoying it based on their Metacritic scores too. However, Williams’ solo album may have led to some fans also speculating that she was done with Paramore.

That said, Williams told Vogue that isn’t the case and that she just personally felt the need to do something on her own away from the group.

“I told (guitarist) Taylor (York) to always tell me what he needs for Paramore to be healthy because we’ve been through enough bulls**t,” Williams commented to Vogue.

“We’re adults and have to focus on our friendships. I knew I had to honour that this was the time we owed ourselves to be individuals and not find our identity in Paramore for a minute,” Williams said.

Williams assures everyone she’s not done with Paramore

The singer also commented on previous frontwomen who decided to step away for their own career and assured her bandmates that isn’t what she’s doing.

“I can’t deny there are frontwomen in history who went solo and didn’t go back, so that’s where I have to trust that the band knows I’m not looking for greener grass,” Williams told Vogue.

Williams also gave as examples of other groups who have survived solo projects and been able to work as a band.

“I see guys like Julian Casablancas and Thom Yorke put out multiple records and go back to their bands all the time. They do their own s**t and nobody thinks it cannibalises (their bands) The Strokes or Radiohead,” she said.

The group Paramore originally formed back in 2004 out of Tennessee. They debuted with All We Know is Falling in 2005. Their second album Riot! came out in 2007 and became certified Platinum in the United States.

The group has had a number of different members over the years but as of right now it consists of Hayley Williams as the lead vocalist along with guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro.

The group’s most recent album came out in 2017. After Laughter made for their fifth studio album and featured the singles Hard Times, Fake Happy, and Caught in the Middle.

Paramore: Caught In The Middle [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Hayley Williams’ debut was certainly welcomed by her biggest fans, but there’s no need to fear the worst yet. Based on Williams’ recent comments, it seems fans have no reason to believe that Paramore is done making music.

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