GoldLink’s Mac Miller post: Anderson .Paak hits out over The Divine Feminine, Dang! claims

Anderson .Paak posing for selfie
Anderson .Paak poses for a selfie. Pic credit: anderson._paak /Instagram

A beef between Anderson .Paak and GoldLink is brewing after the latter posted a tribute online to the late rapper Mac Miller which Anderson felt was disrespectful.

In an open letter posted on Instagram alongside a picture of Mac Miller, GoldLink stated that, while on tour with Mac, he played his album for the fellow rapper who he then accuses of using it as the “blueprint” for the Divine Feminine. He argues that Mac’s single Dang! feat. Anderson was ripped off from his own And After That, We Didn’t Talk album.

He went on to praise the deceased star for being “the rapper all of us wanted to be” and said he was proud of him.

Anderson .Paak, who has collaborated with both artists, leaped to Mac’s defense instantly calling out GoldLink’s post as being disrespectful.

In a now-deleted response on Instagram, .Paak also called GoldLink narcissistic and jealous. He added that, as his friend, Mac was no longer around to defend himself. As GoldLink had referred to him in the post, he felt it his duty to defend his friend.

He continued, stating that GoldLink was not the first to make an album about a relationship, and he was also not the first to collaborate with himself, however, “you are the first to disrespect my friend.”

Anderson suggested that if GoldLink thought his album was a blueprint for The Devine Feminine then where were the accolades for his album?

.Paak further added, “I’m not a tough guy, I’m not about negativity, but this bugged me bad bro.”

Anderson also accused him of backstabbing, saying that Mac had taken GoldLink on tour with him, which gave him exposure to the former’s fan base, but Anderson argues that GoldLink clearly didn’t appreciate the gesture.

Fans echoed Anderson’s assertion that he is “not about negativity” by expressing surprise that Anderson would “pick beef with anyone”.

Mac Miller died in September last year, the cause of death was reported to be an accidental overdose.

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