Wrinkles the Clown trailer, release date: Movie details true story of scary Florida clown-for-hire

Wrinkles the Clown trailer
Wrinkles the Clown. Pic credit: Magnolia Pictures

While fictional Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the terror of many people’s nightmares, the Wrinkles the Clown trailer presents a real-life scary story.

The new documentary examines the mysterious Wrinkles, his rising popularity, and what he’s become famous for. Believe it or not, he’s in the business of scaring kids, just like Pennywise, but for a different reason.

Wrinkles the Clown movie trailer hits internet

On the same day that Pennywise is scaring audiences with the new IT Chapter Two movie, a trailer arrived for Wrinkles the Clown.

It’s simpler but still effective in providing some scary insight into the business of a real-life scare-clown-for-hire. There aren’t any big-name actors here, or extra CGI effects in this one, though.

Instead, it’s a documentary-style look at a phenom from Florida that parents or others can call up to scare their children, friends, or loved ones.

Based on the footage above, there may be some of that “found footage” style at play in the film along with real-life accounts from people who have interviewed Wrinkles the Clown, seen him, or hired him.

That should make for a fun ride as viewers get to experience his story and possibly become scared at the potential of him popping up somewhere.

Who is Wrinkles the Clown and is he real?

This is absolutely a true story being depicted for viewers. The whole movie is a documentary based on an unknown man who went by the alias Wrinkles the Clown.

His real name is unknown, but he’s believed to be a 65-year-old retired man who resides in Naples, Florida.

As seen in the trailer, there’s a Wrinkles the Clown phone number, posted on flyers. For those wondering, that number is 407-734-0254 in the movie trailer.

The new movie is a project that Anomalous Films first started to raise funds for back in February of 2016. Just last month, Variety reported that the film was purchased by Magnet Releasing, a genre arm of Magnolia Pictures.

Filmmaker Michael Beach Nichols is directing the documentary. Christopher K. Walker co-wrote and edited the movie. It’s set to tap into people’s real-life fears about seeing a scary-looking clown roaming around and scaring people.

As far as the Wrinkles the Clown release date, it’s coming just ahead of Halloween 2019. The movie arrives in theaters and on-demand on October 4, 2019.

Watch at your own delight or risk of being terrified by a true scary clown story.

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