Thor: Love & Thunder set video shows how Jane Foster might become Thor

Thor: Love & Thunder set video shows how Jane Foster might become Thor
Jane Foster as Lady Thor. Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Thor: Love & Thunder is currently filming in Australia right now, and there have been some set photos, and now a video leaked from the set.

The set photos showed Natalie Portman looking jacked and buff as she prepares to not only take on the role of Jane Foster again but as the new Lady Thor.

This comes straight from the comics, but it looks like her turn as Thor will come from a different starting point. That is because Hela destroyed Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok. So, how will Jane get it in the new movie?

Thor: Love & Thunder set video

Remember, in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela showed up after Odin died and then faced off with Thor and Loki.

Thor threw Mjolnir at her and she caught the hammer. No one should be able to wield the hammer who is not worthy, but since Hela is Thor’s older sister, she is worthy.

She then shattered Mjolnir into tiny pieces.

It took Thor some deep soul searching to realize he was the son of Odin and didn’t need Mjolnir to control his powers.

However, someone who might need Mjolnir is Jane Foster and the new set video shows how she might have gotten the hammer back.

It looks like the keepers of Asgard turned the sight of Odin’s death into a memorial. It also looks like it might be a place where they hold shows and plays, which would explain the Melissa McCarthy cameo.

However, while this is the place of Odin’s death, and it is now a possible place for those stage plays that Loki loved so much, it is also where Mjolnir died.

The video shows Jane Foster lifted off the ground with something causing her to convulse.

With Jane becoming Thor and regaining Mjolnir, it looks like this is going to be exactly where it happens.

Jane Foster as Lady Thor

Jane Foster developed cancer and was dying when she was granted the power of Thor in the comics.

It was a big mystery who the new Lady Thor was, even to readers, but in the movie, it looks like it will happen for all to see. It might even be at the behest of Valkyrie, saving Jane’s life and creating a new Thor to protect the Earth.

With Jane eventually becoming Valkyrie in the comics, one wonders what the relationship between these two women will be while Thor is off exploring the galaxy.

Thor: Love & Thunder hits theaters on May 6, 2022.

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